Because Different We Are Not

Georgetown University GHHS  “Cura Personalis in Action”  2016

Challenging the limitations of the human body

Modern medicine conquers unknown worlds   

Exploring uncharted territories of science  

In order to preserve quality of life 


But as the potential of health care explodes  

Compassion settles into every crevasse  

Combating a patient's suffering and joining the journey  

Reminding us of the fragility of the human condition 


Allowing us to listen to the space between the lines  

And the music between each heartbeat  

Reaching beyond our own understanding to provide care   

Living up to the oath of many men and women before us 


Because different we are not   


So we show empathy in tough situations   

Looking with solidarity into the eyes of the patient  

Displaying gestures of care during management   

As humans advocate for humans  


There's beauty in the art of medicine  

Science coupled with humanity delivers care patiently  

And compassion provides the foundation for trust   

Setting the stage for relief and alleviation  


For every patient has a story worth reading   

We, unsung heroes, absorb their misfortunes   

Rekindling the intrinsic burdens in order to create positive change   

For compassion humbles us, reminds us that we are all human   


Because different we are not