Breaking Bottles

Warning shots go off like car alarms

Regret lines crevasses that lack relevance

Falling victim to words never said

Another day of tested tolerance


I once crossed my fingers for good measure

As I tossed coins into a moving fountain

Wished upon ladybugs on a setting sun

As I held them in hands

But nothing was more powerful

Than your sacrificial drowning in 

Today’s liquor store special


I soon realized you were no longer the man I loved

But a formless entity of his previous existence 

Cultured from empty bottles left in your own darkness


So at night I fall asleep to the sounds of a city 

That has yet to lay its mind to rest

Hoping I don’t wake up with the 

Taste of aftermath upon my lips

I naively attempt to lie to myself

Imagining some nonsense coated with hypocrisy


Bottles break beneath silent footsteps

As hope suffocates on yesterdays buzz

And tomorrows anticipated intoxication


Every morning I wake up to face the music of my reality

Wishing I could cover up the evidence

From dusk to dawn I cry my sorrows

Into the stitches of my pillow case

And upon the rim of my voice box


You once said in too few of words

That the proof was never strong enough

Questioning your actions

My concern is not esthetically pleasing

Nor is it convenient on days 

I wish I could disguise it better


Through the floorboards forgiveness speaks

But it’s difficult to hear the muffled cries 

When warning shots go off like car alarms

In a city that never sleeps