Georgetown University Arts and Medicine Scope Creative Journal 2017

I stopped counting years ago

Time became a hindrance to my peace of mind 

Waiting slowly takes its toll on you


Your once “well rested” body becomes exhausted

Your mind struggles to keep sane

Questioning your priorities

You wonder if it’s worth it


We just wanted to go somewhere 

Nothing fancy, a standard place 

Not our norm but someone else’s


So we waited


Waited for them to pave the road as a sign of good fortune 

Wondering when change would no longer be an inconvenience 

Swallowing frustrations, the taste of deferred dreams lingered 

Miscalculated hopes unable to fully articulate the exhaustion


Static noise


To be fearlessly human was impossible 

Solidarity was few and far between 

There was no progress worth noting

In stale air our steps went unrecognized


Our knees buckled


Stuck wondering if the grass was greener

For the path to somewhere was not welcoming 

Strange fruit hung like forgotten promises 

Dangled on outstretched hands of no mercy


We prayed


Our stumbles blamed on misaligned gaits, skewed by nature versus nurture 

Accustomed to running, we tried not to stand too long

To not overstay our welcome, we wander for safety in unsafe territories 

Often six degrees from somewhere and two degrees from dying


Barely breathing


Every generation we ask ourselves, is it still worth it? 

Still waiting we wonder, are we forgotten?

Does it even matter? Do they even care?