In America We Die Young

Please forgive me 

For the pages of my history have been ripped out

Formed into a forgotten manifestation of time,

And stowed away in the yesterdays of my past.

My ancestors cry.

Another generation lost and blind


Through cobwebs and dust bunnies

My heart pulsates through the text of history

Burning through layers and layers of false contentment 

But privilege continues to paralyze the fight in our community 


Hoses down progress and spits on opportunity 

My heart beats in vigorous anticipation for change

But nestled within my confident demeanor 


A toxin to our society, constrains


Because in America we die young


Mocked by the steps to anywhere,

In an attempt to go somewhere

Privilege topples the fragment of opportunity that exist upon my fingertips

We continue to fight against the tide, 

But I still dream in tomorrows.

As hope simmers in my tocks, 

As ambition carries my ticks


I am motivated by my grandmother’s voice of conviction and peace

But some days can feel like years of unforeseen burdens

As bloodlines are dismembered by systematic failures

Who are we to turn to?


Because in America we die young


Brainwashed by perfectly orchestrated hypocrisies

True challenges are not left to the imagination

But upon the doorsteps of progress

Between the fine line of persistence and dedication


Who am I to reach beyond my means?

To dream through the hands of time

My ancestors’ tears keep my dreams afloat

I refuse to lose sight of the prize


I apologize for the inconvenience 

My heart beats with vigorous anticipation for change

I fear we have more yesterdays than tomorrows

As we lose sight of our reality today


One day my granddaughter will read…

In America we die young