My Story...

I grew up in Flint, Michigan and lived with my mother and brother. Most of my childhood was spent playing. It was a simpler and beautiful time. Early on education was emphasized, especially by my grandparents, and I now appreciate all the pieces needed to reach beyond the circumstances and stereotypes you were born into. My uncle told me endless times that "a girl that's good at math and science could take over the world" and I believed him. I also really liked Pinky and the Brain as a kid. 

Focusing on school I was able to position myself to earn an acceptance and full scholarship to the University of Michigan. When I say I love(d) Michigan it is not an understatement! I was born a Wolverine and it shows. Go Blue! In the heart of the recession when I graduated high school I decided to pursue chemical engineering because it seemed like a safe route. I met some amazing people at Michigan, learned about myself and my passions, and earned my chemical engineering degree. But right before my senior year of college I decided (read: gave into) my passion for health and medicine and settled on trying to get into this thing called medical school without any plan. This was the first time I went off book and made one of my riskiest decisions at the time.

I was accepted into medical school and attended Georgetown University. During medical school I discovered family medicine encompassed everything that brought me to medicine. The community impact and involvement, the diversity and broad spectrum, and the passion and motivation to be a catalyst for change, were all the things that pulled me in and continue to drive me in family medicine. After Georgetown I made my way back to the midwest and started my family medicine residency at the University of Illinois Chicago. I am forever grateful for the amazing doctor I became because of my residency program.

Now after many many years of education and training I am a board certified Family Medicine physician and have returned home to Flint, Michigan to practice as a primary care physician at Hamilton Community Health Network.  I am so excited to come home! To care for the community that cared for me. Throughout all of these years poetry

 and writing has been a nice hobby from grade school to graduate school and beyond. Creative expression holds a special place in my heart and it has kept me both sane and balanced during my medical journey. Now I have the opportunity to combine some of my loves and explore a new phase in life. I hope you enjoy this website and journey with me.


Dr Aisha Harris