Never Half Full

The glass was never half full.


The glass was never half full, 

Our optimism, by votes in Florida, is overruled

We believe our progress has the past eating our dust

Blind of our reality, of a world so corrupt

We reflect on our past, as if so distant

When we can still hear the voices of Martin and poor Emmett

But they say we’ve come far, that we’ll make it in the end

The glass isn’t half full, but simply empty again


The glass was never half full,

Lack of honesty in a society found not guilty, but cruel

We thought through our silent voices, equality we could bring

Ain’t no mountain high enough we emotionally did sing

The fight for change is demolished and spit on by reality

While it floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee

It’s a no hitter, they’ve thrown so many strikes, no one says a word

Not wanting to mess up the momentum or be flipped the bird

We look nervously around, not knowing where to begin?

The glass is never half full, because it becomes empty again


The glass was never half full,

Tearing us down, our ignorance becomes their Red Bull

Misconceptions, misleading, the nation left confused and deceived

But the glass ceiling lives on, deceptive, but so clearly seen

The mass so brainwashed, easily influenced are our youth

Innocent minds corrupted, by what they consume from the tube

Progress prevented, because of the overwhelming chocolate rain

Under the cracks is racism, hidden, because the glass is empty again


The glass was never half full,

Over diamonds, we bleed deeply, and unknowingly droll

As the gap gets greater between the rich and the poor

Instantly rejected in life without the right decor

Society throws a grand party, everyone’s invited 

We dress to impress and get so excited

We get to the door and it should have said no colors allowed

The hidden rule of rejecting certain people of the crowd

We smile so pissed, the stories all the same

Oppressed in their homeland, the glass is empty again


The glass was never half full,

They desired us to be civilized, that’s why they sent us to school

But look no books, no seats, so packed there’s no room

A digressive education the children consume

Proposal 2, and No Child Left Behind

Restriction and Discrimination signed on the dotted line

When schools shut down, no one stands to take the blame 

When Katrina victims still call for help, we realize the glass is empty again


The glass was never half full,

And the “reality and truth” that surrounds us is bull

A woman believed untouchable, powerful and strong

She can be an idol singing, her same old fairy tale song 

She is miss fortune, miss trust, miss take, and miss leading

She is miss America, the beautiful land of the free

She creates an infinite six degrees of separation 

Between us, the real America, and the silicon corporations


They take cheap shots at our knees, we stumble and fall

Making the level, not rise too quickly or get too tall

The glass was never half full, because we fill it and then 

For their convenience, their safety, the glass is empty again